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Our Story Is Your Story

We are a group of physicians that have been following the science of longevity medicine for many years. We noticed that there is a multitude of information available but not all of it is easy to understand or easy to apply. We believe how we treat our body and what we put in our body affects our lifespan as well as our overall feeling of well-being. Our goal is to allow anyone to take a few easy, affordable steps towards living a healthier and possibly longer life.

Welcome to LongLiv

Our supplements will always be backed by the latest research, produced under the highest standards, and developed by real, practicing physicians.
Our name sums up the essence of what we hope to help our customers achieve in health and in life. Long live health, vitality, youth, beauty, happiness, peace, energy, rest…and our list goes on!

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By using a refillable aluminum tin, we use less packaging and shipping materials.

It is easier on the planet and makes it easier to use our product.

The tins come free with any powder subscription or can be purchased separately.

In addition, all of our supplements are packaged in a small resealable pouch to decrease plastic waste. This also takes up less space on your counter, in your cabinet, or in your bag on the go!

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